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Your company receives support from our advertising agency, we have a team specialized in helping businesses to have a commercial presence on the Internet and enhance the way in which new customers or sales are obtained through a digital marketing strategy.
We are a global agency that specializes in emerging digital marketing solutions. We power marketing through digital transformation.

ONE STEP AT A TIME – It is easy to start working with a marketing agency

You join only once and we analyze the digital presence and the visibility potential of your business on the Internet. Our team will do whatever it takes for your business to have an optimized commercial showcase on the Internet.
We are a digital marketing agency, we are ready to structure and implement the plan you choose to increase the visibility of your business in order to generate new customers or increase sales using online advertising as the best online business does.
We send the results to you on a monthly basis and evaluate how to continue improving the sales of your business.


Clients viewing good results


Our clients are selling more thanks to digital marketing.
We create the traction, you see the results when you work with a marketing firm. See testimonials…

Why Internet?

In Colombia there are 50 million inhabitants who have 60 million cell phones and 40 million computers.
35 million people have an Internet connection, 334 million use YouTube to watch videos, 31 million use Google to search and those over 13 who use social networks are 25 million on Facebook, 10 million on Instagram and 3 million on Twitter.

We know everything about Google digital marketing and ecommerce business and we can make you part of the digital marketing revolution.


US $200

1 time fee


  • Research, Copywriting, Design, Development, Management and Web page Administration * adjusted to the business commercial objectives (sell or get referrals)..
  • Digital advertising strategy made by our experts according to your business objectives.
  • Purchase and use of a custom domain.
  • Web page hosting.
  • Web page tagging for traffic measurement.
  • Automation of internal sales emails.

US $99


Reception of referrals +
This number of products:
1 to 2

US $175


Reception of referrals +
This number of products:
1 to 6

US $249


Reception of referrals +
This number of products:
1 to 15

US $325


Reception of referrals +
This number of products:
1 to 30

US $499


Reception of referrals +
This number of products:
1 to 50 +

Investment objectiveTarget


graphic clients flow

Effective clients

Investment objectiveInvestment


This month was much busier.
Every day we receive messages from people interested in knowing more about our business.

Andrés Cruz

Bosques del Río


Properties sold.

I appreciate the work that Fidelio does with my webpage because it has allowed me to have new clients in my mentoring business. Also the information is useful and on time.

Angela Garrido

Transformational Leadership


Referred potential clients

Their collaboration is fundamental to the continuous success of our project.

César Castro



10 Referred potential customers

With Fidelio we find what we are looking for to develop our digital strategy, all this with a compromised team and with high professional grade.

Luis Celis



Referrals potential clients

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What should you know?


There are no permanence clauses in any of the monthly plans of the Digital Advertising service.


YOU INVEST IN VISIBILITY, NOT IN WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT. The website will have all the professional functions necessary for your customers to feel attracted to your business. In addition, with the purchase of a custom domain we will increase the reach that your business can have on the internet.


YOU CHOOSE THE BEST PLAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Each plan is designed to fit the target audience of the business, the amount of products or services to be displayed and the monthly budget available.


IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE A PAYMENT GATEWAY. Just as each business has its specific products and services, it is necessary that you have an account in the payment gateway of your choice.


Behind the scenes there is a whole specialized team that works to
provide you with a great service.

Business analysis and digital marketing

Digital Design

Web copy

Web Development

Data analysis

Quality assurance

Project Management


We are finalists in the Effie Awards Advertising Effectiveness Awards in 2020 in the eCommerce category for achieving an increase in sales for our clients of up to 532% and a 688% increase in the number of transactions.

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